Dog Days with Covid-19

Dog Days with Covid-19

This past week has been interesting.  I work from home, so social distancing (is that even a real thing) has been starting to get to me a bit.  I take a two mile walk on the beach each morning to excercise and clear the cobwebs, but the beach is now closed.  I still take my walk in the neighborhood but its not the same, there isn't that beautiful ocean there reminding me how small I am in the world.  

The folks I see along the way on my walk are usually walking with a dog or exercising.  Most are cheerful and wave and share greetings; but we do so as we move to the other side of the sidewalk or street.  So I guess the thing that is getting to me a bit is the idea that we will be forced into this new normal where we have to wear masks, cross to the other side of the sidewalk, or generally avoid contact with people. Since I work from home and don't socialize much I am missing times that I do spend with other people.  And if there has been a time when pets have been a blessing for us and many others - its now... thank God for pets.

The family kitty Widget

So, for my part, I refuse to live in fear of Covid-19 and I refuse to accept a 'new normal'; I know that this too shall pass.  I beleve that GOD is in control of all things and that he loves us and wants the best for us.  So when the dog days of the covid-19 shelter in place get me down, I count my blessings.

I kiss my wife and tell her I love her and I'm thankful for her.  

I hug my youngest daughter Danielle, who is staying with us and thank her coming to visit.

Danielle's sweet dog William

I facetime with my granddaughter and sing the Abc's or Old McDonald and thank God that she has an awesome mom and dad, and she is loved and she is safe and happy.

I thank God that I am able to work from home, that I have a job and house over my head and food to eat.

I thank God for all of the first responders, doctors, nurses, care givers that put themselves in harms way to help other who are ill.

I thank God for all the leaders, politicians, administrators and others in the media that are working hard to help others, promote positive thinking and offer constructive ideas and solutions.  

I pet my dog Gus on the head and rub his belly and give him a biscuit and thank God for his love and loyalty.  I am thankful that even thought these are Dog Days, they are also days full of blessings and dogs...

Our big boy Gus

During this time of Passover and Easter , I thank God for all the blessings he has given me - especially the gift of eternal life thru His son Jesus Christ - who died and rose again for me and my sins and promises eternal life!