Gary's first post

Gary's first post

This is the first post.  Set up of this Gatsby/Ghost site was not as easy as it could have been with some better instructions.  Later, I will do a post of instructions; but for now I want to try out the editor to see how easy it is to use...

Here is a link to my business Innovative Technology and my LinkdIn page and my AboutMe page.

Last weekend we did take some time to stretch our legs while still social distancing by taking a walk at Brookgreen Gardens.  I took my SLR camera and took some nice pictures.  Check them out below.

They have some beautiful ponds and fountains with water lilies.
There is an abundance of little critters.

Another thing that would be great is to share some videos.  Here is a video I made with my daughters years ago using stop action photography - i think we had a two megapixel camera at the time.  I took us a while to make it but it was a really fun family project.

Another thing I would like to do with this blog is share code and programming projects so I wanted to try that with some teaching code I wrote a while back. I was able to do it with a html <pre> tag and that worked pretty well.

// gad
// august 2018

public class qsort {
    private int[] data; 

    private void swap( int i, int j ) {
        int temp; 

        temp = data[i];
        data[i] = data[j];
        data[j] = temp;

    public void quicksort( int left, int right ) {
        int i, last;

        if (left >= right )
        swap( left, (left + right)/2 );
        last = left; 
        for ( i = left+1; i <= right; i++ ) if ( data[i] < data[left] swap( ++last, i ); left, last quicksort( last-1 last+1, right } quicksort private void printlist () { int length="data.length;" for(int length; length-1 system.out.println(data[i] + "."); else system.out.print(data[i] ", "); for public static main(string parms[]){ qsort sort="new" qsort();"new" int[]{24,2,45,20,56,75,16,56,99,53,12}; system.out.println("unsorted list."); sort.printlist(); sort.quicksort(0, length-1); system.out.println("sorted main pre>

Well that's it for now - I will try some more later...